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24 Years of Wireless and Counting

This month marks 24 years of ADRF’s contributions to the wireless industry. Since our inception in 1999, we’ve remained aggressive in our commitment to address clients’ needs spanning three wireless generations – 3G, 4G, and now 5G! Adaptation is the cornerstone of our identity as a company. Due to lengthy R&D cycles, there is a highly anticipatory nature to our business. We try our best to understand and forecast the needs of mobile carriers as well as users in the wireless ecosystems in commercial and public safety industries well in advance. In this regard, we are very proud of the collective intelligence and grit our team has continuously displayed to get it right for nearly a quarter century. 

This past year alone, on the commercial side of our business, we launched our ADXV DAS C-band module and SDRX C-band repeater, which exemplifies our dedication to enabling ubiquitous in-building 5G coverage after a historic FCC auction made it the dominant frequency for nationwide 5G. In addition, we released the second version of our ROM BOM Tool to make it easier and faster for prospective and current customers to create a BOM. With the ROM BOM tool, customers can estimate hardware needs for their upcoming projects and streamline project planning and execution.

On the public safety front, we released the FiRe-78-8-U hybrid in-building wireless solution. By combining our channelized 700/800MHz repeater with a built-in signal source and fiber DAS Head End (HE) within a single unit, building owners have a cost-effective means of deploying a robust public safety network and ensuring connectivity within diverse environments. Most recently, we launched new emergency power off (EPO) switches for our public safety repeaters, which helps system integrators and building owners meet EPO requirements for ERCES in select United States counties such as San Francisco and Santa Clara in California, as well as Washington D.C.

In an industry with constant unexpected twists and turns, we are honored to still be considered a top provider of the DAS and repeater solutions for major U.S. wireless carriers and many of the nation’s most established system integrators and neutral host operators. We owe much of this to our highly modular solutions that make it simple for customers to build upgrade paths, and our support of all U.S. carrier frequency bands that address the needs of any jurisdiction or venue type.

With the power of 5G and continued advancements in wireless technology, we are thrilled about the future that lies ahead. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, customers, and the entire ADRF team for their unwavering support throughout the years. We anxiously await the new wave of innovation and exciting wireless applications surely on the horizon.

(To celebrate our successes as a company and commemorate another year of doing what we love, our team at Headquarters spent last Friday go-karting and enjoying barbecue at K1 Speed.  At ADRF, we are committed to diversity, loyalty, teamwork, and innovation.)


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