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ADRF Honored with Prestigious Award for Outstanding R&D Performance

We are very excited to share that ADRF Korea, a wholly-owned subsidiary handling R&D and manufacturing for Advanced RF Technologies, Inc., has been honored as one of the “50 Best R&D Performances for Small and Medium Enterprises” by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in South Korea. We were proud to be recognized during the 2023 Small and Medium Business R&D Achievements Diffusion Week, celebrating the outstanding contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of research and development.

ADRF distinguished itself through its remarkable achievements in commercialization results, strategic technology performance creation, successful re-challenge, and outstanding public innovation. This recognition is a testament to ADRF’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and contributing to the advancement of technology in the wireless communication sector.

ADRF’s award also speaks to the strong partnerships we have cultivated over the years and our client’s trust in our technology. For more than 24 years, we have had the fortune to earn the trust of our tier-1 US carrier clients and major enterprises, who have consistently embraced and supported the company’s cutting-edge products across every wireless generation. Our DAS and repeater solutions have been in many of the world’s largest sports stadiums and mixed-use destinations.

Reflecting on this huge accomplishment for the ADRF R&D team, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and continuing to build even stronger relationships with our customers as we move into the middle of the 5G cycle and begin thinking about 6G.


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