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MWCLV 2023: Discovering What’s Next in Wireless

Last month, ADRF gathered with carriers, equipment manufacturers and mobile app developers from North America to discuss trends and news technologies in the wireless industry at GSMA’s MWC Las Vegas 2023, in partnership with CTIA. With over 8,000 attendees in addition to 380 exhibitors and sponsors, it was a conference for the books!

At the ADRF booth, we showcased our 5G solutions including ADXV DAS and SDRX series repeaters. Our modular ADXV DAS supports all commercial and public safety bands in the US and Canada, capable of transporting frequencies from VHF to C-Band regardless of protocol or modulation. For smaller venue, the SDRX series is a simple and ideal solution that enhances 4G and 5G coverage and it’s the first carrier grade high-power repeater supporting the entire BRS spectrum as well as C-Band.

We also had the privilege to listen to many informative speaking sessions led by top industry experts. Check out some of the team’s highlights and takeaways below.

5G: From Promise to Commercial Reality

In previous years, there was much anticipation and excitement surrounding the potential of 5G. While the technology promised to revolutionize mobile experiences, it’s now transitioning from a pledge to a commercial reality. The focus is no longer limited to delivering faster smartphone connections; instead, 5G is being harnessed to drive innovation across industries, bringing a multitude of commercial applications to life.

Mobile operator T-Mobile announced a SIM based SASE offering using network slicing, while T-Mobile CTO, John Saw, announced that the company has made network slicing available nationwide to application developers, further promoting the growth of this technology.

Net Neutrality Revisited

Net neutrality, a concept that garnered considerable attention in the past, is once again in the spotlight within the tech world. Following the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) plans to largely restore net neutrality regulations of Internet providers, the topic was high on the discussion list at MWC.

Kyle Malady, CEO of Verizon Business, took to the conference stage to express his opposition to the FCC’s intention. He characterized the FCC’s move as an attempt to solve an issue that, in his view, is not currently a problem that exists. FCC Commissioner, Brendan Carr, shared similar sentiments, stating that, “Ultimately, we’re going to run into a dead end and get reversed by the courts.”

The Future of Connectivity

Balancing innovation with fairness will be the key challenge for policymakers and industry players as we embrace the 5G future. Stay tuned for more developments on our end, as these trends continue to shape the future of connectivity. Also, make sure to watch our 2023 MWCLV Recap Video for additional insights!


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